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Welcome to the PURE Waste Water Database. You may add new annual performance data of your WWTP. You may also correct earlier reports, or add other information to not completed reports.

Benchmarking Database is meant to be used as a tool by waste water maintenance people for decisions about further measures to improve performance. Municipality performance data can be used by municipal decision-makers to decide about what measures priority should be given to, for instance improving WWTP-performance, improving piping for leakage or extending the pipeline network. Important is, further, information given by the database about the general waste water treatment performance level of Baltic Sea Municipalities.

The PURE WWTP-database is, also, used for gathering descriptive information from individual waste water treatment plants in the Baltic Sea region, and to assist in updating of the HELCOM’s monitoring databases regarding municipal waste water treatment. The database will be a supporting tool to the HELCOM List of Green Baltic Spots, a new concept in increasing awareness and promoting the good results achieved in local water management in the region.

Mass upload of data is possible. User-friendly, automated reporting tools can be used in daily work, mandatory reporting and making graphs. If you have ideas in developing the PURE Database further, please contact the PURE Team!

Project on Urban Reduction of Eutrophication (PURE) reduces phosphorus load to the Baltic Sea and encourages the waste water treatment plants in the Baltic Sea region to follow those exemplary ones that already reach the HELCOM recommendation in phosphorus removal. PURE partner municipalities and water companies aim at annual reduction of 300-500 tons of their eutrophying phosphorus load.

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